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Waste disposal and recycling companies are developing bigger and stronger markets for recycled materials in the UK so that resources can be used again and againand turned from costly rubbish into profitable product.

recyclingThe task is to pioneer ways of creating local markets for a radically increased stream of recycled material - something that we do by combining innovation with a can-do attitude and sound business thinking. 

Welcome to our market place - bring us your ideas, your products and your needs. Although the UK faces a waste disposal crisis, it is beginning to make real progress. In 2002-3 recycling and composting increased from less than 10% to 17.7% of the 450,000 tonnes of waste (5.06% compost and 12.61% other recycling). The rest went to landfill.

In this section you will find out more above our educational information on recycling tours and our business engagement toolkit. This unique animal bedding project is an asset to Cornwall, taking clean one day solar installation waste corrugated card and turning it in to dust free animal bedding has been a great success. This project aims to identify and develop new and existing market opportunities for processed plate glass cullet. The sectors explored include blast cleaning, water filtration, golf and landscape and use in decorative applications.

75% of all canned food and drinks in the UK are made from Aluminium. Aluminium is the world’s second most commonly used metal and is one of the most costeffective material to recycle. Recycling Aluminium is very energy efficient as it only requires 5% of the energy and produces only 5% of the CO2 emissions, compared to production from the raw material.

There are practical ways designed to help catering organisations reduce waste and the costs associated with the disposal of waste by integrating the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) into everyday businesses practices.  For more information on in vessel composting and food waste in catering please click the above title.Currently there is pent up demand for an efficient low cost, easy to use waste plastic collection service in the regions farming industry driven by legislation which forbids the burning of waste plastics.

Bristol waste contract will save £2.5m

A new £14million contract signed today by Bristol City Council will save taxpayers £2.5m a year and ensure no untreated waste goes to landfill within three years.

We can cater for all kinds of requests, from waste management experts who simply want the best deal on a required product, to companies who have neither the time nor the expertise to organise an optimal waste management policy. We can provide new and reconditioned products, arrange delivery for any product purchased, and organise and schedule waste disposal contractors to remove the waste when it suits you.

Compactors come in all shapes and sizes, from dustbin-sized, suitable for the hotel and catering industry, to large commercial units, such as that depicted above; they can even be fully liquid-retentive.

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